bill_sheehan (bill_sheehan) wrote in antitheism,

Sunday Sermonette: Happy New Year

Here’s a poem by the brilliant Digital Cuttlefish, who can be found over in the Freethought Blogs. He called it,

Arguing God in the New York Times

We can’t disprove a God, you know,

Cos God can’t be defined.
The God you claim cannot exist
Exists within my mind

My God cannot be fathomed, and
Will never be undone
Each heart perceives Him differently
But God is only One.

We disagree on details, like
His numbers, or His name,
But clearly, all believers know,
Their Gods are all the same

(What’s more, divine diversity
Is clearly heaven-sent:
Whatever God you just disproved
Is not the one I meant!)

A Godly game of whack-a-mole;
Forever un-disproved;
Each time you bring the hammer down
Too late! Cos God just moved!

A question, though, occurs to me—
I find it rather odd—
Why label this cacophony
“A shared belief in God”?


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