metrocles (metrocles) wrote in antitheism,

The dilemma I find myself in.

I was raised in a rather religious household. I would consider myself a pretty active follower until about the age of 17. I went to church about every Sunday until I was 18. The last year was not so much by choice as it was parents forcing me to.

Anyway, I'm 19 now. I'm away at college and have more or less found a way to avoid church for the past  year, always finding some excuse to go back to school on Sunday morning whenever I visit home on weekends. My parents recently got divorced (back in December actually). My dad moved out around Christmas and quickly got remarried to the woman with whom he had been cheating on my mom. This divorce devestated my mom as she still had feelings for my father and didn't want to get divorced. However, my father wanted to go off with this other woman. Anyway, like I said, my parents have always been rather religious, more so my mom than my dad. So, as a result of this divorce, my mom fell more heavly back onto religion. She went on a mission trip a couple weeks ago and has been constantly telling me how God is the only reason she was able to make it through these tough times.

My mom doesn't know I am an Atheist, and it's been something that I've really wanted to tell her. However, I think it is a revelation that would really devastate at her at this time of her life. I'm tired of having to feign agreement every time she talks about God being the "only thing you need" in life. But, she has gone through a lot in these past few months, and I don't really want to give her any news that will burden her more. I just hate kind of living this lie of a life. What should I do?

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